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Date Title Venue Format Artwork Quality Comments
1968 Belgian TV 1968 - 40th Anniversary Edition RTB TV Studios/Parc de Laeken, Kastival Open Air Fest, Belgium 1 DVD pf-db A Compilations: 18-19 Feb 1968, 31 Aug 1968
1968-1972 Mind Your Throats Please Various 1 DVD pf-db A 01:03:00 Bath Festival, Amsterdam Rock Circus and the 3 takes of Set The Controls from 1968
1969.04.14 Royal Festival Hall Rehearsals 1969 Royal Festival Hall, London 1 DVD HRV A 24:50 HRV DVD 008 Rehearsals for More Furious Madness From the Massed Gadgets of Auximenes
1969.07.22 A Stuttgart Strudel SDR TV Villa Berg Studios, Stuttgart, West Germany 1 DVD pf-db A 48:00 of P-1 TV show including Corporal Clegg and ASoS
1970.04.29(30) KQED: An Hour With Pink Floyd KQED TV Studios, San Francisco, CA 1 DVD floydart A HRV DVD 001, Vernon Fitch says 1970.04.30, and I have a confirmation from him by email
1970.08.08 Live In Saint-Tropez Les Arenas, San Tropez, France 1 DVD pf-db A+ 53:52; San Tropez Music Festival
1972.05.22 Amsterdam Rock Circus Olympisch Stadium, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1 DVD pf-db B- included in Mind Your Throats Please
1972.06.29 Waking The Grapevine The Dome, Brighton, England 1 DVD pf-db Pro 17:16; PRSDVD002
1972-1977 8mm Various 1 DVD HRV B- HRV DVD 009: 1972.09.02, 1975.04.27, 1977.02.01, 1977.05.07, 1977.03.01
1980.02.27 The Wall Live Nassau Coliseum avi(1CD) no art B
1980.08.09 The Wall Live Earls Court, London 1 DVD here B+
1987.09.19 Put The Bitch Down JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 DVD pf-db A
1987.09.21-23 Tres Toronto CNE Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1 DVD pf-db B+
1987.11.03-05 The Calhoun Tapes The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia 1 DVD harvested A++ HRV DVD 002
1988.06.21 Versailles, France 1 DVD 4.08Gb
1988.07.09 Yet Another Movie Stadio A. Braglia, Modena, Italy 1 DVD no art 2.90Gb; 88:52; #ROIODVD004
1989.05.20 Monza 89 Arena Concerti, Autodromo, Monza, Italy 1 DVD pf-db 3.17Gb; The Obscured Collection 19
1989.06.18 On The Run Mungersdorfer Stadion, Cologne (Koln), West Germany 1 DVD pf-db 4.27Gb; 150min
1989.07.15 A Venezia Venice, Italy 1 DVD harvested A++ HRV DVD 003
1990.06.30 Knebworth '90 - CD3 Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK avi(1CD) no art A+ PF: SOYCD, RLH
1990.06.30 Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, England Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK mpg(1CD) no art A Italia 1 channel "Big London 1990": SOYCD, WYWH, CN, RLH. There's a few seconds of Sorrow before WYWH
1990.07.18-20 Blueprints Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany 2 DVD pf-db A AM5DVD010 - The Wall Rehearsals Berlin 90
1990.07.21 Blueprints Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany 1 DVD no art A AM5DVD010 - Disc 3 - The Wall in Berlin, actual concert by Italian TV
1990.07.21 The Wall Berlin 90 Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany avi(2CD) A++ official version
1994.03.23 1994 Tour Rehearsals Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California mpg (2CD) pf-db 59:30, 1.0 Gb
1994.03.30 Joe Robbie Stadium Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida mpg (3CD) 02:46:33, 1.5 Gb
1994.04.28 Irving Stadium, Dallas, Texas, USA 1 DVD 1.67Gb
1994.05.04 Atlanta 4.5.1994 Bobbie Dodd Stadium, Atlanta, USA 1 DVD pf-db 1.70Gb; 147:11; RR016
1994.05.26 Merry Cristmas From Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio mpg (1CD) 13:09, 135 Mb
1994.06.20 Arrowhead Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA 1 DVD pf-db 3.97Gb
1994.07.10 RFK Stadium, Washington, DC, USA 1 DVD 3.93Gb
1994.07.14 Pontiac Silverdome The Silverdome, Detroit, Michigan, USA 1 DVD thumb 4.05Gb; art?
1994.07.17 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1 DVD 1.84Gb
1994.07.18 Giants Stadium Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1 DVD pf-db B+
1994.07.30 Chantilly 30.7.1994 Chantilly, Paris, France 1 DVD pf-db 1.84Gb
1994.08.02 Cologne 2.8.1994 Mungersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany 1 DVD pf-db 1.62Gb
1994.08.04 Munich 4.8.1994 Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany 1 DVD pf-db 1.65Gb
1994.08.06 The Backdrops Of Basel Fussballstadion, St. Jacob, Basel, Switzerland 1 DVD pf-db 4.20Gb; center cam
1994.08.17 Hannover Day 2 Niedersachsenstadion, Hannover, Germany 1 DVD no art 1.62Gb
1994.08.29 Song Of Whales Valle Hovin Stadium, Oslo, Norway 1 DVD pf-db 4.33Gb
1994.09.02 Werchter 94 Festivalweide, Wercheter, Belgium 1 DVD pf-db 1.98Gb
1994.09.03-05 Dreamscapes Stadion Feyenoord, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2 DVD pf-db
1994.09.07 The Water Flowing Strahov Stadion, Prague, Czech Republic 2 DVD pf-db B+
1994.09.21 Rome 21.9.1994 Cinecitta, Rome, Italy 1 DVD pf-db 1.86Gb
1994.09.23 Lyon 23.9.1994 Lyon, France 1 DVD pf-db 1.75Gb
1994.10.13 Stranded On The Biggest Wave Earls Court Exhibition Hall, London, UK 1 DVD pf-db 4.17Gb
1994.10.20 P.U.L.S.E Earls Court, London avi(2CD) A++


Date Title Venue Format Artwork Quality Comments
1984.07.29 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1 DVD pf-db 3.97Gb
1984.07.31 The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking The Forum, Montreal, Canada 2 VCD no art C/B-- Mostly black-and-white, no face can be discerned; minor skips here and there. The 2nd part adds a bit more color. Eclipse is cut at the very beginning. Good thing is, the recorder paid much attention to the triptich backdrop video
1985.03.21 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York 1 DVD 3.98Gb
1987.08, 1987.08.13 K.A.O.S. Rehearsals London, UK; Providence, R.I., USA 1 DVD pf-db A-
1987.09.05 K.A.O.T.I.C. Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana 2 DVD pf-db 8.03Gb
1987.11.07 Quebec The Coliseum, Quebec, Canada 3 VCD no art B-
1991.10.18 Guitar Legends EXPO Seville 92 - Roger Waters Ampitheater, Seville, Spain 1 DVD pf-db A+
1999.08.07 Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY Jones Beach Theater, Wantaugh, Long Island, New York 2 DVD pf-db T-1616
1999.08.15 Farmer In Ohio Jerome Schottenstein Center, Ohio University, Columbus, OH, USA 2 DVD pf-db A
1999.08.17 Hershey VCD Hershey State Pavilion, Hershey, Pennsylvania 3 VCD floydart A-
2000.06.27 Roger Waters: In The Flesh Live Rose Garden Arena, Portland, Oregon avi(2CD) A++
2002.02.22 In the Flesh 2002 World Tour Rehearsals Bray Studios, London, England 1 DVD no art A+
2002.05.05 Ole Ole Ole in Lisbon Atlantic Pavillion, Lisbon, Portugal 2 DVD here A+
2004.05.01 Ca Ira Overture La Valetta, Malta mpg(1CD) no art A++ Eurovision TV broadcast
2006.06.02 Rock In Rio Rock In Rio Festival, Lisbon, Portugal 1 DVD floydart 2.07Gb; Proshot; art?
2006.06.04 Arena di Verona Anfiteatro Arena, Verona, Italy 2 DVD pf-db 8.51Gb
2006.06.18 The Dark Side Of The Moon Terra Vibe Park, Athens, Greece 1 DVD no art 2Gb; Greek subs
2006.06.22 Half Moon Over Israel Latrun Monastery Grounds, Neve Shalom, Israel 1 DVD no art 1.62Gb
2006.06.29 Tripped Out in Cork Marquee Festival, Cork, Ireland 1 DVD pf-db 3.83Gb
2006.07.01 Hyde Park Calling Festival, London, England 1 DVD 4.05Gb
2006.07.12 Lucca FM - The Moovie Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy 1 DVD pf-db 3.88Gb
2007.01.25 Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia 1 DVD 4.13Gb
2007.01.27 Jade Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand 1 DVD 4.13Gb
2007.02.05 Dark Side Of Oz Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia 2 DVD pf-db 8.53Gb
2007.03.09 Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia 1 DVD 2.39Gb; Proshot
2007.03.18 River Plate Football Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1 DVD 1.68Gb; Proshot; WMV-files
2007.07.07 Live Earth Live Earth Concert, Giants Stadium, New Jersey 1 DVD pf-db 1.62Gb 23:52; Proshot, Bravo broadcast; also in AVI 233Mb same quality


Date Title Venue Format Artwork Quality Comments
1978 Live In The Studio - Selections From The Album David Gilmour Super Bear Studios, Alpes Maritimes, Miravel, France 1 DVD pf-db B
1984.04.30 Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Hammersmith Odeon, London 1 DVD pf-db A+ 2 bonus videoclips, no "After The Floyd" documentary, no chapter menu/selection
1999.12.14 Live at the Cavern Club! The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England 1 DVD pf-db A++ Paul McCartney's band with D.Gilmour
2001.06.22, 2002.01.16-18 David Gilmour In Concert The Royal Festival Hall, London avi(2CD) A++ Live at Robert Wyatt's Meltdown
2004.09.24 The Strat Pack - Live In Concert Wembley Arena, London 1 DVD low-res A++ the 50th Anniversary Of The Fender Stratocaster. Need hi-res art!
2006 Island Broadcasts Various 1 DVD pf-db HRVDVD010: 26:33 Mermaid Theater, London 7 March 2006; 37:08 AOL Sessions, NYC 7 April 2006; 05:29 The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno 20 April 2006; 16:45 Later w/Jools Holland 26 May 2006
2006.03.15-16 David Gilmour in Paris DVD (by encrazydiamond) Le Grand Rex, Paris, France 1 DVD no art 1.40Gb
2006.05.30 Royal Albert Hall - David Gilmour 2006 Royal Albert Hall, London, England 1 DVD pf-db 3.19Gb
2006.07.27 Burg Clam Clam Castle, Linz, Austria 1 DVD pf-db 4.12Gb
2006.08.02 Firenze, Piazza Santa Croce 2006.08.02 Piazza di Santa Croce, Firenze, Italy 1 DVD pf-db 4.27Gb
2007.03.14 En Chile Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile 2 DVD pf-db audience + pro-shot

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